Nari Seva Sangha, Kolkata
  • Morning Prayer at Nari Seva Sangha
  • Tie and Dye Saree made at Nari Seva Sangha
  • Block Printing at Nari Seva Sangha
  • Weaving at Nari Seva Sangha
  • Nari Seva Sangha's Canteen
  • Balwadi - Pre Primary Nursery School
  • Seeta Chaudhuri Memmorial School
Balwadi- Pre Primary School at Nari Seva Sangha
Our Vision
To channelise the energy of our youth in constructive action for empowering livelihood skills and create opportunities for individual well being in the society fostering peace and equality.
A place for underprivileged and distressed adult women towards development, which means education, vocational training and cultural mind, so that they can be made proper citizens and suitable members of Society.
The Sangha was founded in 1944 when hundreds of women were victims of the great Bengal famine in 1941-42 followed by the partition of Bengal. Read More
Projects & Activities:

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